Arthur Edward Melhuish


This one-name study aims to pull together as much information as possible on the family name and the wider Melhuish family. I hope everyone with a Melhuish interest will gain something from it and may also be able to contribute new information to it.

I began my research into my family tree over 20 years ago, but I wasn't the first person to take an interest. My paternal grandfather Arthur Edward Melhuish (that's him in the photo, holding me) retired quite young. He then teamed up with a like-minded friend and they would go around to various towns and villages looking at the parish registers and building up a picture of the family ancestry. Sadly the written fruits of his research didn't survive and his sons picked up only the sketchiest of (mis)information. My father thought we came from Bovey Tracey. My uncle thought we came from Bognor Regis. The truth is that I have traced our line back to Brompton Regis. The source of the confusion is obvious.

This website is not a place for storing complex ancestry charts (there are plenty of commercial sites where you can build your own tree, or go to WikiTree for a superb source of data already compiled) but instead is a compilation of interesting stories and information, along with a forum where people with a common interest can share information and ask questions.

Right now this study is an early work-in-progress and I will be adding to it as often as possible. I welcome contributions either through the forum or by uploading photographs or documents. If you have an article to contribute or any suggestions to improve the website, please email me direct (

Since about 1500 the most usual spelling of the name has been MELHUISH, with a few minor variations such as MELLHUISH, MELLUISH, MELUISH and MELLISH. Before that date spellings varied wildly and included MELHUISHE, MELHUYSHE, MELHEWISHE, MELHEWISH, MELHUSHE, MELEWIS, MELEHEWIS, MELHYWYS, MELEHYWIS, MELHYWS and MELHUWYSSHE. In early medieval times the name was prefixed with "de".